[Suggestion] A use for trophies – spawning more enemies.

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I think there should be a use for trophies that isn't just decoration (I know a few are crafting components). I think you should be able to bring an enemy's trophy to an altar for the boss of its biome (bring Drake Trophies to Moder's altar, bring Troll Trophies to the Elder's altar etc.) to spawn one of that enemy again, possibly a starred variant. This would let us get rid of useless trophies we don't want more of while also providing a function to the boss altars beyond pure progression. Trophies can become something welcomed as potential resources rather than inventory clutter.

One restriction could be that the world must have that boss's trophy on the hook at spawn before you can sacrifice trophies. The biome restriction would prevent people from getting valuable drops without venturing into the more dangerous biomes. Also, without that restriction, fuling trophies would be a way to get blackmetal to a smelting base without travelling for transport.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/q5fw8l/suggestion_a_use_for_trophies_spawning_more/

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