Suggestion: All bosses should feel as brutal as bonemass

About 90 hours into this amazing game, more or less done with all the progression. Playing with 2 other buddies, and I think we all agree the high point of our playthrough was doing bonemass blind with no prep. God we got died so many times.

To be honest having played wow and darksouls, the fight isn’t too complicated on paper: control the adds, dodge/hit the boss when no adds, run away from vomit. But god dam does the fight punish you if you even screw up one of those things once. But that’s what made the fight super satisfying and fun to figure out. And with 3 players and boss hp scaling the fight was one hell of a grind, but it was a pretty amazing feeling once we finally cleared him.

Was pretty hyped for Moder and Yagluth after that, but to my dismay when we finally did those fights they were well… almost a face roll in comparison to Bonemass. I seriously think the game has an insane amount of potential to have epic and challenging boss fights throughout, with mechanics you have to figure out from continuous trial and error and building muscle memory (much like bosses in dark souls).

Just off the top of my head, an example would be to have Moders screech one-shot you, and the only way to avoid it would be to LOS her using the icicles she shoots down while in the air. Super punishing but learnable mechanics would definitely add a lot more depth to the fights. I’m totally fine with the deer boss and the elder being pretty easy as most players are still on their training wheels at that point, but it would be really cool if Bonemass was but the first boss to set the tone for all subsequent boss fights – that if you don’t learn the mechanic or sufficiently prepare, you will get royally fucked.

Just a thought for an amazing game I’m having a great time with. Would love to hear your thoughts on this idea!


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