Suggestion: If human enemies led by a warlord are added. Defeating the warlord makes the remaining human warriors friendly. So that if you are playing w/o friends, you can still have NPCs living in and defending your villages.

Add: Hostile human enemy bases scattered around that are hostile. If you build, say 2-3 biomes near them. There is a chance they can raid your base. You can also chose to raid THEIR base. Destroying them to wipe them out and prevent them from raiding you. Or defeating the warlord boss to make the remaining ones join.

Defend against them or attack their village. If you kill their warlord in battle, any remaining human raider enemies turn friendly.

You built a guard tower in your village? Barracks? You can now place a marker and assign them to them.

This way you can have human NPC warriors living in, and defending your village or castle. You can equip them etc.

They will not starve or require food. But if you have them assigned to crop fields. 1 human NPC manning a crop field will automatically provide the food buff of that food to X amount of other NPC's in your base's range. So if you have 5 villagers, 1 to man the crops to buff the other 4 being guards so they are stronger.

This way people who play this game single player. Can, for RP, roleplay and practical purposes, have actual villages and castles with people living in them.

Giving one female and one male a house by their own in private, makes them breed over time. But it takes much longer time than /w animals. Max villagers being the combined workstation level of your base. So a lvl4 workbench + a lvl3 forge = 4 (default) + 4 + 3 = 11 max villagers. Max cap of 12.

If you have the resource production. Mead, forge etc. You can assign them to work these for you. So you can have a tavern keeper, smith, herder etc.

In conclusion. A way for immersion, roleplaying and practical gameplay – to have living villages with people in them. Can assign them to follow you, guard your base, grow crops, smith, and simply make your base feel alive.


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