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TLDR at the end.

I spent the better part of my night farming carrot, turnips, and onions. While also breeding pigs and hunting down a 2 star. Side bar: Tamed pig AI seems kind of… umm… not great. But after planting 500 to 600 seeds per harvest, I was getting just a little annoyed with that stam. Even with decent stam food. So I thought something like farmers glove or other gear would be a great item to reduce the stam cost of planting a seed. Maybe even a full farmers set.

Then I though, making these out of typical hide would be to easy. I, and many others, already have stock piles of scraps, leathers, troll hide and everything else. So a new hide item would be needed. I thought, where would this come from? Then it hit me! MINI BOSSES!!! Just like all the bosses are spawned at some sort of shrine, with an item or trophy. Mini bosses could work the same. Nothing new would need to be added. They could be spawned at the starting shrine and only after the respective boss head was mounted.

Since we already have a deer bosses. A pig mini boss would be a nice twist. This would give a use for all the pig head my fellow pack rats and I have stashed. This pig could drop several of the standard meats (or a better one) and a special hide to make gear, or piece of a set. The set being light weight, minimal armor, specific for farming. As a normal person wouldn't wear metal armor to plant crops.

After the elder, troll heads could be used to summon a more advanced troll or either brutes or shaman heads. The troll could drop a different hide for the farmers set or the tree folk could drop something to make a wicker farmers hat or viking equivalent. Or both could be summoned for a fight.

After bone mass, several of the mobs would be used. Surtling heads could spawn something that drops nitrogen essence to make fertilizer. Blob heads spawns could drop another piece like ammonia. Both the would match the in game logic to real world logic. Ash to nitrogen, poison blobs to ammonia. Mix those with bones, the craft some sort or sprayer to spray crops with the fertilizer. Draugrs heads spawns could drop a hide or cloth to make the third piece to a farming set.

Each piece reducing the stam used by 1 stam per seed. Once all three are made planting goes from 5 stam to two stam per seed. A fertilizer could increase output or decrease time until harvest.

This could also continue on with mountain and plain mobs, but I am already getting long winded. The goal would be to add simple end game quality of life item. Nothing crazy. I would even be happy if these items were fairly tough to make and required more mats then other items as they would be for mid to end game ish.

This would also add another reason to revisit old binomes, increasing replay ability and need for them beyond the metals. For example, once I get like 3 silver nodes cleared, some wolf hides, and a few other things. I rarely visit the mountains as they are not worth the trouble.

Instead of spawning a mini boss, it could simply spawn a world event at the start spawner, like what happens at your base but a little more intense and it would trigger the mobs to drop the special items mentioned above. That being the only way to get the items to drop. That way no new mobs or fight mechanics would be introduce. But I would like new mobs at some point.

Other gear or items to work towards could be some sort of poncho or gear set from serpent heads or scales to reduce wet debuff or increase swimming, that would need a new mobs like snakes or something mythical and scaly. Mountain spawns could work towards an exploration item. Like a monocular that extends the map vision while sailing or on top of mountains, to match actual vision better. Plains items may need to wait until more binomes are released. As everything mentioned above wouldn't have a dramatic effect, if any, on future binome expansion. As farmers gear and greater vision aren't gong to make life in the mistland, ashlnads, or deep north any easier as far as I can imagine. They would only reduce the certain somewhat tedious tasks.

Looking for others thought on the matter. Thanks.

TLDR: New items to farm mid to end game. Use trophies to spawn fights at the starter spawn like you do bosses. Fights could be events like happen at your base or new mini bosses. Either way, triggering items to be dropped that would be use for crafting. Crafting items like farmers gear to reduce stam used when planting seeds. fertilizer, monocular for boats to have extended open water vision to the map. This would increase old binome replay ability/farming, reduce end game tediousness to some tasks, and add mid to end game quality of life. With minimal, if any, negative impacted on future binomes.


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