Yeah, I know, everyone is a critic.

So first before all, I want to say that I'm in LOVE with this game – it combines the BEST of so many of the games that I like. My wife and I have logged more hours than I should probably disclose 🙂

I'm just throwing out a few ideas that my wife and I (both obsessed with the game) have talked about:

1) Craftable upgrades on boats. a) upgrade sails for better speed (scaling from hides, leather, to troll hides as costs). b) upgrade on durability (scaling costs or metals/nails, lumber), c) storage (scaling slots with additional costs of nails & lumber)

2) Server-based option of prorating building penalties. From 100 (standard) to 0 (no height or support requirements). Allows for different servers to penalize height differently.

3) Death cost adjustments. Allow servers to use a multiplier for death costs – to increase or decrease them. Could range from cutthroat (die and all skills = 0) to nerf (no death penalty)

4) Trader both buys and sells more items. Later in game, we all know that the trophies become useless and nuisance items. Allow them to be sold to the trader for, well, little (don't want to nerf things here), but also have the trader sell ingots at probably a high cost. At least then we could sell 40 deer trophies and get 10 copper, or 1 iron ingot, or whatever, for the trouble. Also, money itself becomes a bit useless once you have key items from the trader [no spoilers here]. I start leaving money, rubies, etc. behind after a while as they have little value. Make them at least have a late-game purpose this way.

5) Maybe I just suck at this, but make it easier to make canals for boats. (allow digging while swimming, even if it's a a huge stamina cost to do so). Getting enough depth can be just too much of a chore to be fun.

6) Maybe also just me, but I hate that swimming causes my character to forget what he had equipped. That you have to re-select a weapon if your toe touched a puddle. Let my character have at least the memory span a gnat so that he can remember that he was just using a mace before his feet got moist. I've given too many draugrs a Monte Python style fish slap in the swamp when I thought I had a real weapon readied – it gets frustrating.

7) Farmable berries. (common suggestion, I know… but the squeaky wheel….)

8) Tamable Deathsquitos. What??? Whatever. I feel your judgement. (not a serious suggestion)

Maybe these are stupid suggestions but I thought I'd share some thoughts as a huge fan of the game who lives for each new update!


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