Super helpful things I wish I knew the value of when starting.

Gear fear is way too overlooked. Stop being scared for real. Easier said than done, I know, but lose everything you have until you’re literally penny picking and then at some point you’ll stop caring. When you start landing your shots cuz ur calm then upgrade to a better loadout. Don’t go straight to insane gear set just slowly work up to it. I suggest sniping cuz it’s easy kills and you usually don’t get shot back.

Use offline mode. This is honestly the best way to spend ur first hours of tarkov. Either have the map pulled up and visit all the locations and stuff or watch the pestily map guide until you’re comfortable with the layout then just go Learn all the sneaky little spots in the map. This feels useless but your time is better spent actually improving knowledge instead of losing all your stuff because you couldn’t figure out what zb-1011 was.

Stashes are the shit for safely running some money. I’ve found slicks in multiple stashes. You don’t only have to hit stashes but if ur running by the you should definitely check it. It can spawn the best armor in the game.

Hunt scav bosses. Watch scav boss guides and start hunting them. That’s an easy Way for guns, gear, and ammo that’ll penetrate armor. Guards and the actual scav boss can be found with pretty decent stuff early game.

There’s always another. So many ransoms I run with make this mistake. They’ll kill someone and then loot them ASAP. They get killed cuz they didn’t do a quick once over of the area. It’s important to shoot then move do not sit in one spot for long periods of time.

Stop selling half decent guns for money. You need these cuz when u go to buy a gun it’ll be double or triple what u sold it for.

Not sure why my but my phone is lagging so hard now so that’s all. Hope this helps someone.


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