Tamed animals make little sense in later on

Is Valheim coming

Wolf and Rides (currently Loxes).
It makes no sense to me taming wolves that get one-shotet by other NPC (Frostwyrms) or die to poison from Svampleeches.

Even more problematic is it raising them on one Island and trying to use them on another … feels like you have to cheat them into a boat and then avoiding night or rain so they dont aggro on serpents.

Taming animals makes litle sense (just for the meat and hide but that just piles up after the initial usefulness).

Is there any plan to make Wolfes and Loxes into "summons", mayby frostwyrms into flyable summons.

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Loki (who summons unnecessesary stuff and thropies to the goods by placing them on the stone in the middle of the BOSS-relics … thats called offerings! – not that weird new stuff … although the coal was a nice trade for 300 Black Metal I put inn for a try if there would be anything of real worth for those who do real OFFERINGS …) but I have more than enough BlackMetal now.

Another thing is grinding skill and loosing sooooo much … boy you have to reduce that penalty … 🙂

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