Tarkov Pro Tip #34 – Focus on progress instead of death or equipment loss.

Death is not an issue if you made progress on the objectives.
Equipment can be bought easily, but quest progress can't.

The whole point of getting fancy equipment is to up your survival chance on a single raid, and unless you are done and sitting pretty on a hoard, fancy equipment is to do the harder quests.

I have had many randoms I am guiding just rage and quit after getting sniped or dropped, completely ignoring the fact that they got a UNTAR kill mission done in one raid, or they don't have to plant the beacon in marked room anymore.

Yes, there are a near bottomless list of things to rage about this game, but the fact that you died in tarkov should not be that surprising or anger-inducing. Its like people ignore the explicit statement at the beginning saying the game is difficult, you will fail often, and its not anywhere near complete.

TLDR; Git Gud scrub and focus on the Gud you have and not the Gud you lost.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jtv06c/tarkov_pro_tip_34_focus_on_progress_instead_of/

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