Tarkov Pro Tip #44 – Sometimes its easier to “run through” if you did not get the spawn you wanted.

How is staying in gonna help me when all I want is to fix the wall panels in the OPPOSITE spawn in factory? Or god forbid you are a solo and need to plant a letter on the factory area, and you DIDNT get the spawn by Gate 3? I would nope out of there as fast as safely possible so that I don't die and lose the letter.

What if you got a shit server with horrible synch issues?

What if you late spawned?

How about wanting to spawn on DORMS side of Customs so that you can just search the empty Shipping Office later in raid on the way out and extract the package to Trailer Park easier then fighting everyone for it at the beginning?

How is not leaving going to help me get to the pier of Woods faster than the specific marked circle / SUV spawn can when you want to plant stuff on the pier or pickup the folder in the Bungalow housing before everyone else sets up sniper angles? Or wanting to spawn at a fast location to kill Shturman?

Or how about "I have to kill X amount PMCs on Interchange, I want to spawn in Railway or Power to set up ambushes" or " I want to spawn AT emercom to fight the 3 other players that might spawn around there".

This isn't about cheesing survival rate or even running for resources, sometimes you just don't like the spawn you get, (late spawn, bad for obj spawn, bad for loot spawn, or just a spawn that you really dislike) its better to re-roll the mission. I didn't think I would have to spell it out of people in the details section but I guess it was a mistake not to.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/k0nzoy/tarkov_pro_tip_44_sometimes_its_easier_to_run/

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