Tarkov Pro Tip #45 – If it is frustrating to treat the game with seriousness and be met with bugs, don’t treat it seriously. Just mess around and have fun in other ways.

Yes the game is about being super serious tactical cool military men, but doing that constantly and being met with desynch, late spawns, AI railguns, hackers, and guns that randomly stop firing or grenades that don't make noise kind of take its toll on that "hardcore tactical survival experience"

If you don't want to stop playing Tarkov but you are fed up with trying to take it seriously, then don't try to.

Play Tarkov and treat it as a meme session of GTA Online or Gmod or ARMA.

Shoot your friends, eat mayo and race to extract, do stupid bets or get fucked up on vodka and propital and try to stab each other. As much as the game tries to make it realistic and intense, remember it's ultimately you and your friends that dictate how much fun you want to have and how you want to have it.

For its intended purpose, the game still needs work. As a sandbox to dick around in, it is more than ready.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/k1r9qt/tarkov_pro_tip_45_if_it_is_frustrating_to_treat/

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