Tarkov Pro Tip #49 – Take a break from Tarkov when you have more than 5 things to complain about every session. There are other games to enjoy.

Honestly, this game is wonderful but will continue to have issues. Even if you don't mind those issues, they all start to add up eventually and depending on the timing, you just end up hating the game.

I took a break from everything Tarkov at the end of last year and I came back yesterday. A friend of mine kept on trying to play through all the issues and ended up deleting their account last week, saying they will buy it again a year after it releases.

A few of the issues I left because of are still here (the NEXT button on the results screen not working for 3 minutes after raid, and being placed in poor connection servers somehow with 15 ping), however I don't mind them as much as I did when I took a break.

The early access comes with a cost of being frustrated, and you WILL pay this fee over and over the further you invest your time into this game. Take a mental break from the Special Economic Zone every now and then, it does wonders for your gameplay and your enjoyment of your time with the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l9pm43/tarkov_pro_tip_49_take_a_break_from_tarkov_when/

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