Tarkov Tracker now supports group quest tracking!

Hey all! Gee this game hurts. Between alternating queuing for scavs on factory and PMC customs looking for a found in raid Pilgrim backpack for literally 20 hours, I wrote what I think is a really handy update to Tarkov Tracker!

You can now view your teammate's quests on the Maps page! You can see all of your team's quests combined into one place. Quests are highlighted based upon the status of whether you are on, have already completed, or have yet to unlock the quest. You can mouse over the teammates badge to see who needs each quest or how many quests behind they are.

See what quests your group needs, highlighted based upon your completion, along with details about who needs what quests and how many quests behind they are

To get this functionality, you'll need to either get your teammate's export/share URL from Tarkov Tracker, and/or give yours to them. You can see the group tracker settings and status over on the settings page. You can also toggle on/off group tracking with the switch in the top right if your teammates head off for a bit, without deleting their exports.

See your current team, add or remove teammates, and find your share URL on the settings page!

This share/export does not live update for the other person as you complete quests, so you'll periodically need to re-share your progress. Live updates will require a lot more work and server capacity to handle everyone, so that will probably be down the road a ways still.

Needed Items does NOT include your teammates needed items (yet), but the data is there to add it later. For now I'm going back to grinding out trying to get this stupid backpack. Please let me know in the Tarkov Tracker discord server if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, thanks and good luck in your raids!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kp9er9/tarkov_tracker_now_supports_group_quest_tracking/

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