Tarkov Visors side-by-side comparison

Hey all, my duo buddy and I saw some comments a few days ago about visors and how some reflect light, others don't etc. So we jumped into a shoreline raid and tested them out. They're all taken approximately 50m apart and during the rain + fog.

TL;DR: 6b34, AFGlass, M Frame, Proximity and Tglass all DO NOT shine or reflect light at a greater distance.

The remaining visors do; Crossbow, RayBench, Dundukk, Gascan, Aviator, RGlass (RGlass being the worst offender by FAR).

Also the Slender mask covers your eyes like a visor, providing some 'weather protection' with no shine.

One other thing I noticed is that while all the glasses reduce 'the size and frequency of rain droplets' as per the wiki, all the glasses with a nose bridge (that is, traditional 'glasses' vs a single-piece 'visor') were slightly worse for this purpose.. Might've just been a timing/angle/placebo thing and I can't verify without spending a bunch of time in offline raids, maybe some at a later date.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jk4tce/tarkov_visors_sidebyside_comparison/

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