Tarkov with a PS controller- DS4 and DS5

What's up, So Ive been playing since Mid July (New Player, but my 2 brothers have been playing for over 3 years, so they helped me start/introduced me) and I have (Just Checked) 235hrs over 52 days played and WOW this game is awesome, but I dont have the trained muscle capacity to play over 30 minutes on MnK (Also coming from a lifelong Console player, and I still play w Controller on PC where available.)

So sidestepping/skipping all the "Controller VS MnK" talk/discussion (it inevitable always comes up), here's my configurations using Steam Big Picture Mode, with the large possibility to add on as well (Not including sensitivity settings) :




LB: Switch (More info below)

Dpad Up: LCTRL

DPad R: LAlt

DPad L: B

DPad Down: DEL (Couldnt map it for some reason, so I remapped DEL to N, therefore:) N

Triangle: F

Square: R (R to reload, double tap to fast, hold to check mag)

Circle: C (Remapped X/Prone to HOLD C)

X: Spacebar

LJoystick: WASD, L3/Click: LSHIFT

RJoy: Mouse, R3: Middle Mouse/Scroll Wheel Click

Start: TAB

Select/Option/ShareButton: ESC

TouchPad (Set as LTouch and RTouch, 2 Buttons): LTouch: F1, RTouch: Y

Now WITH LB Held down (Action Set/Modifier)

(I could do more, but Im not sure what to add beyond what I already use):

DPad Down: CAPS

DPad L: 1

DPad Up: 4

DPad R: 5

LJoy Pushed Left/Right: Q, E

Triangle: 3 (Secondary Gun)

X: 2 (Primary Gun)

Circle: V

Square: T (I cant remember the default, but T is Flashlight, and Double Tap T is Headgear on mine)

I know I could add more, but cant think of anything else, I still use the mouse for fine things, like looting, but I dont see where Id actually use things like blindfire, and checking the chamber, as Ive never had a gun jam on me (I dont let the durability get below 50 most times, but I figure I could just reach and tap LSHIFT+T with one hand if it does happen.)

What do you guys think? I think it could be useful for anyone who wants to use a controller, or needs to use one (if there are any disabled gamers unable to use MnK.)

Also, here's the Steam Big Pic Mode link (Added BSG Launcher and Tarkov to Steam Library)


Sidenote: This happens, IDK why, but it usually doesnt work on the first try, so if the mouse isnt moving with RJoystick when starting (It'll work on BSG Launcher, but it , you just have to exit Tarkov, exit BPMode, then go back in. Legit 99% of the time it works on the 2nd try every time. (Im not tech savvy enough to know if it has something to do with launch settings or anything of that matter.)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pchjtz/tarkov_with_a_ps_controller_ds4_and_ds5/

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