TarkovTracker now with dynamic objective maps, RatScanner integration, and open source

Hey all! If you don't know what TarkovTracker is – its a free webapp for tracking your progress through an EFT wipe. You can track your quests, hideout upgrades, and items collected. It provides information like how many quests you have remaining locked behind each quest, how many quests until you'll need individual items, how soon you'll need certain skill levels, and now maps with markers dynamically placed based upon the objectives you or your team needs.

When viewing quests by map, you'll now be able to see any quests with fixed positions overlaid with markers on a scalable map with landmarks (Currently Customs, Shoreline, and Interchange – other maps being made by community now). For maps like Interchange (and soon Labs, Reserve) you're able to view those markers by level. If you're in a TarkovTracker live team, you can also see the markers your teammates need for a map, so you can plan and make sure you hit everyone's quests in a raid.

TarkovTracker now has an API – you can generate a token to allow other tools to pull your progress information to help them provide contextual information. RatScanner (another awesome open source tool) is already integrated and will tell you how many of an item you or your teammates need for quests and hideout when you scan it. Other great community tools like Tarkov-Tools and Tarkov Guru should also be adding support for TarkovTracker linking soon, and provide contextual information about trades, barters, and crafts available.

Right before the wipe started, TarkovTracker finally was released open source. Since then, several awesome people have started pull requests and adding new features or improvements. If you're interested, discussions, issues, and pull requests are always welcome! If you're building your own tool, tarkovdata.io is another repository that might be of interest to you. Its a public repository of generally static EFT information designed to be easily consumable and updateable by tools. There's a great community of people helping to improve and add to it, as well as provide non-static information like the tarkov-tools API.

Several awesome quality of life features have been added by contributors since open sourcing. You can now select your game edition in the settings. Your game edition will automatically upgrade your tracked hideout, and provide reputation bonuses for estimating trader loyalty levels (will be used with other tool integrations coming soon). Managing your hideout and quests are easier than ever, with added management interfaces for jumping to your current hideout station levels, and quest progress from quest details page. More to come soon!

Thanks to all the people contributing on the TarkovTracker and tarkovdata GitHub repositories. Thank you to the awesome Patrons for TarkovTracker who keep the app free for everyone. And thanks to all the people providing feedback, suggestions, and good discussion in the TarkovTracker discord!

Good luck, and stay hydrated in your raids!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ovusg0/tarkovtracker_now_with_dynamic_objective_maps/

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