Tested optimizations/settings over a year – this is the best settings I got (super smooth gameplay)


I know there are a lot of fps guides and optimizations and different fps fixes (I probably tried them all) but after a year of testings through multiple patches I think I came up with the best settings I could.

I focused my settings around a few main points:

  1. Having smooth game play (feeling like running 144 fps without actually getting it)
  2. No input lag
  3. Getting high fps
  4. Visibility

By that order I reached settings which I think are the best I've got so far,

the game runs super smooth to me (feels like 144hz constantly) – which in turn increase visibility of players.

I will try to share all the settings / changes I've done in order to reach this, try it as a whole and let me know how it goes for you.

Nvidia on Escape from tarkov app:


You must cap you fps to 3 fps below the monitor refresh rate – otherwise it will hurt the game smoothness


Nvidia General (notice the image sharpening):




Gsync On:


Resolution (output dynamic range – full) – no need to do ghostfreek66 resolution fix:


Colors (for visibility in dark and to distinguishing players):


In game settings:



Turning postfx off

HDR turn off – local.ini:

go into: "C:Users*you user name*DocumentsEscape from Tarkov" directory

and edit local.ini, set "Hdr" to 0.

On "C:Battlestate GamesEFTEscapeFromTarkov.exe" right click and choose properties -> Compatibility -> Check disable fullscreen optimizations and change high dpi settings (high dpi override to application)

Enable windows game mode – on

On AMD Ryzen Master:

Use auto overclocking (higher clock for a single core is better for tarkov)

In bios: Turn on / push the highest you can on the XMP memory profile.

Clear all you nvidia / game cache before you test the settings.

My game experience:

The game feels constantly as it is running at 144 fps (although it reaches 100-140 fps depend on the map).

There are no stutters.

You own player movement feels a lot move smooth.

Smooth experience on all the maps (tested all of them)

My specs:

Ryzen 3700x

Nvidia 2070 super

32GB ram 3200

the colors in nvidia are optional and you can change them to whatever you like


Forgot to add process priority fix that I use, will update later

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ljlzqj/tested_optimizationssettings_over_a_year_this_is/

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