The absolute Suppressor Guide [Reworked, Enhanced & Updated Patch 12.8]

Hey there Tarkovians,

After publishing my Sound suppressor guide on this subreddit a month ago, the game changed a bit. 3 days after the launch of patch 12.8, I´m happy to publish the 2nd enhanced & updated version of my Tarkov Sound Suppressor Guide.

I was really happy to get plenty of helpful feedback on the 1st version and especially the addition of item prices was taken into consideration. In terms of statistics, the only remarkable change was about the Wave QD suppressor but most muzzle devices remain the same as in 12.7.Adding the prices of every muzzle device hopefully helps people to compare items even further. Some items are just slightly better than other but cost about the double, so I hope that this is getting visible with the spreadsheet. However, adding this amount of prices and numbers was quite some work and this still is a one-man project. This means that if you find a mistake in calculations, please let me know 🙂

Anyways, I can´t wait to hear your feedback and like last time, I will track the usage traffic and upload some backups if needed.

Cheers 🙂

Desper´s Sound Suppressor Guide


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