The absolute Tarkov Sound Suppressor Guide

Desper´s Tarkov Sound Suppressor Guide

Hey there fellow Tarkovians,

If you´re new to the game or if you´re tired of comparing different suppressors on the flea market, this comprehensive spreadsheet is for you (Link on top).

After a long time, I am finally done with (hopefully) the best guide to compare different suppressors in the game. Feedback is more than welcome and you find my contact details in the spreadsheet. In case you find a mistake, please let me know.
This is a 1-man project so please be aware of something: I cannot promise the guide will always be up-to-date so check the Patch version in the header of the spreadsheet. It may happen that BSG slightly changes the stats of some suppressors without mentioning it in the Patch notes.
Anyways, I am really happy about how it turned out and more than interested if this kind of guide is helpful to especially new players. If so, I might do another spreadsheet for flash hiders & muzzle brakes.

Ultimately I just wanna mention that I will keep track about the usage traffic of the document. In case the traffic is too high, I´m gonna upload a couple backups as well.

Cheers 🙂


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