The Among Us Dictionary v2 – Updated for 4th of December 2020 – For learning what common words used by Among Us players like “Sus”, “Scan, “Vent kill” mean!

The Among Us Dictionary v2 – Updated for 4th of December 2020

"Sus": Short for "suspicous".

"Vent kill": When an/the impostor kills a crewmate and uses a vent to escape immediately after.

"Hard clear": When someone/some people are a 100 percent sure that a player is not an/the impostor. Usually people hard clear another player when they do a visual task/they clear one of/their impostor partner(s) so they don't get ejected.

"Soft clear": When someone/some people are not suspicious of at all and think a player is probably not an/the impostor.

"Pathing": The path someone takes from X to Y.

"Scan/Medscan": Short for the "Submit Scan" visual task in the MedBay room of any map.

"Faking a task": When an/the impostor pretends to do a task to blend in with the crew.

"Critical sabotage/fatal sabotage": A sabotage which if not fixed in time will instantly make the crewmates lose no matter what. (o2, reactor, seismic stabilizer)

"Doors": An/the impostor sabotaging one or multiple doors causing them to close.

"Vented": Past form for describing an/the impostor using a vent.

"Voted out": When a player gets more votes than anyone else and gets ejected.

"Emergency": Short for emergency meeting.

"Button": The button in the cafetaria table that lets you call an emergency meeting.

"Call oxygen/o2": An/the impostor sabotaging the oxygen generator.

"Call Reactor": An/the impostor sabotaging the reactor/seismic stabilizer.

"Lights": Short for the sabotage that drastically lowers crewmate vision and can be fixed at Electrical (Polus – The Skeld)/Office (MIRA HQ).

"o2": The name of the room with the plants/the critical sabotage that can be fixed from 2 different rooms.

"Skeld": Short for the name of the spaceship map.

"Mira": Short for the name of the skyscraper map.

"Polus": The name of the snowy planet map.

"Airship": The name of the upcoming map arriving at 10/12/2020 (10th of December 2020).

"Reactor": The name of the room with the start reactor task.

"Electrical": The name of the room with electricity and wires/the room called "Reactor" in MIRA HQ.

"Round": The span of time between 2 meetings.

"KCD": Short for Kill Cooldown. (The time an/the impostor needs to wait before being able to click the kill button and kill a crewmate.)

"Shoot": Slang for ejecting a player.

"Visuals": Short for the "Visual Tasks: On/Off" game settings.

" Vouch": When someone soft clears another player because they were with them for the majority of the round.

"Meeting": The event that teleports everyone to the room with the emergency meeting button and allows crewmates to vote out someone they think is the impostor/impostors to try and vote out an innocent crewmate without getting noticed that happens when an emergency meeting is called/ a dead body is reported.

"Hard accuse": When a player claims they catched an/the impostor venting/killing and are 100 percent sure they are the/an impostor.

Example: Black claims that he saw Orange vent in to Electrical, kill White and vent back to Electrical. (The Skeld)

"Soft accuse": When a player claims that they saw someone doing a suspicious activity.


1: Red goes into Electrical with Blue, Blue is found dead by Yellow in Electrical and Yellow saw Red walking out of Electrical. That means Red probably killed Blue and is running away from the dead body to not get caught, but it may also be that when Red was leaving the room Lime vented from MedBay to Electrical, killed Blue and vented back out without Red noticing. (The Skeld)

2: Green stands on a task area for much longer than it would usually take to complete that task and Cyan saw that, called an emergency meeting and accused Green of faking a task.

3: Pink leaves a task are without the taskbar going up (in a lobby with taskbar always going up.).]

"Scan clear/Medscan clear": When someone claims to have seen another player do the "Submit Scan" visual task and hard clear them for it.


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