The best settings for competetive games.

Public settings dont seem much at first, but the settings can be the difference between crewmate victories and stupid impostor wins. Here we go.

Tasks: around 6 or 7 (1 common task on mira or skeld, 4 short tasks on mira and skeld, 2 long tasks on all maps, 3 short tasks on polus, 2 common tasks on polus, 2 long tasks on polus)

Impostors: two(in my opinion of course), one is still a viable option, but never, ever play 3 impostors. Never.

Confirm ejects off as confirms on gives the
Crew too much information.

Kill cooldown: 22.5 – 30.0 seconds

Vision: 0.5x or 0.75x vision (you can still go up to 1.0x vision, Im not stopping you). But the lights are useless if higher then 0.75.

Speed is not really that big a deal.

Visual tasks: again, optional. But i prefer visuals off.

Task bar: meetings option makes it easier to fake tasks and provides a disadvantage to the crewmates. On always, you have to get lucky faking tasks or its bye bye. Putting the bar on never is just wrong.

Hope these make the competitive games on discord or with friends more enjoyable and balanced.


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