The best tutorial You’ll ever find for this game

The title is not an exaggeration. After watching this video and 3-4 others from the same guy (only this on is required) I survived 2 raids and greatly improved my game-play.

That may not seem impressive but consider this, this is the first time I've played the game in about a year and when I was playing my extraction rate was about 1 every 10 raids.

The ideas are simple.

  • Think and take it slower. Tarkov isn't a game about rushing into the enemy
  • Take control of the situation (fight on your terms)
  • Do not shoot more than once from the same exact spot if the enemy has an angle on you. Take cover and try to flank if can. Do not let the enemy see your retreat is possible.
  • If ambushed (shot from an unknown location) do not try to fight back most of the time, take cover and try to form a plan quickly.
  • Go towards the gunshots if they're close. The more players you leave alive the more likely you are to die from them.
  • DO NOT RUN unless needed. Sound is 80% of the game so listen.
  • if you can see them they can see you
  • you will die a lot but less with these tips
  • Play to your guns advantage
  • It's ok to retreat

These are just some very simple concepts to apply in your raids. attacking an enemy like this helps tremendously and often than not they won't know your location. You'll often catch them pushing up to the spot you last fired and catch them off in the open or even their side.

These tips saved my life more than once. There were three instances I could've died in a single raid.

  1. On customs I was being shot from an unknown location while chasing gunshots and immediately hid. If I would've stayed there in the open and look for the source i've would've died. Never found the person but most certainly found some good loot left behind.
  2. Found a fully geared player on customs running towards military CP extract and immediately retreated. It looked like we spooked each other but I retreated a ways back into some bushes and he couldn't find me. Attempted a super long flank but it didn't work, they were gone and I made to much noise.
  3. You know that metal shed by military checkpoint on customs? It's in the woods a bit and has some good angles on the map. If I didn't inspect gunshots near by the military checkpoint and just walked by continuing to gas station that man would've killed me.

Closing notes

I do not claim to be an expert at this game or that you will always extract with these tips. I just know that they are very useful on helping players master the mental aspect of the game and make you extract more.


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