The best way to play among us with a controller

Hi all.

Among Us doesn't support any controller by default, which is understandable because of the nature of the minigames. However, with the advent of motion sensors in game controllers, performing mouse or touch centric mini games with a controller becomes a breeze!

Now, I'm not claiming driving the cursor with motion sensor is on par with a mouse : but it's as close as it gets. I would dare to saw however that some tasks are even easier, in spite of other tasks being harder. This is only possible with DS4, Switch Pro or a joycon pair at the moment.

I'm using JoyShockMapper to map keyboard and mouse controls onto the controller. This could also be done via Steam Input, ReWASD or other mapping software. Here are the highlights of my configuration:

  • Left Stick and Dpad drives the character
  • Gyro and right stick drives the mouse. I can disable gyro when Square is held.
  • R1 is mapped to Left click and R2 is Map when held
  • Use is mapped to Cross (sabotage as well but see L2)
  • Escape is mapped to Circle for intuition
  • Report is mapped to Triangle
  • Kill is mapped to L1
  • Sabotage is mapped to L2 (when held)
  • Finally I have Discord toggle mute on Pad click

It's very nice to be able to easily move while holding either trigger to bring up the map or the sabotage map. Button layout is intuitive enough to catch on very quickly. Minigames are a good way to improve your skill with gyro aiming. And the ergonomic comfort of the controller is appreciated.

I thought I would share my experience with you guys. Hopefully you can give it a try and experience the game in a different way.


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