The Blood of War – Fuel Pricing, Basic Math and You

TL;DR: If you're complaining about the increase in fuel scarcity then you probably shouldn't be burning gas in your hideout. Even at 200k for a tallboy pays itself off without need for a bitcoin farm.


I'd like to say that this is one of my favorite subreddits on the website. If I ever feel like I'm in a bad mood all I have to do is come here and see how miserable some of you shit posters are and I realize that I'm actually doing okay. There are some posters who are very helpful and take time out of their day to inform others, I don't mean you. And I don't even mean people who complain about everything that BSG does. I mean people who are candidly offended by people who have different opinions than them and take time out of their day to comment meanspirited things on peoples posts. All this to say: bring on the downvotes. A downvote from a pathetic subredditrat is like finding a LedX for me.

With that out of the way, let's get into the fun stuff. I'm seeing people who are PISSED about BSG decreasing the Fuel spawn rate and the resulting upswing in fuel prices.

This change ties easily into some classic Tarkov narrative like "the rich Bitcoin farmers get richer while us average players suffer" and "BSG linking BTC prices to Real Life is the stupidest decision since they nerfed the Mosin at Pestily's behest".

But is all the fuss worth it? What if I told you that Fuel was pathetically underpriced before the changes and is only now approaching a equilibrium?

According to the wiki, without taking into account Hideout Management skill, a Metal fuel tank [grey fuel; tallboy] will power your hideout for 24 hours, 5 minutes and 47 seconds. Current flea market prices for the same Tank is 220,000 Roubles, which is more than a 400% upswing from a weak ago when they were around 50,000.

Dividing R220k by ~24hours we can currently price 1 hour of hideout power at around R9k. If we can generate more than R9k per hour using our hideout, we are turning a profit even at these newly inflated fuel prices.

So let's take the most basic of all hideout crafts: 2 powercords into 8 wires in 2 hours at a level 1 workbench. We'll use current flea market pricing as an assumption, this could change but I think this craft is pretty stable as it's been around for quite a while.

Purchase 2x Powercords at 20k for 40k

Sell 8x wires at 11k for 88k

Less 5k in fee

Is 43k gross profit every 2 hours equivalent to 21.5k every hour

Less 9k fuel costs per hour puts us at 12.5k net profit per hour

So… as long as we're unfurling powercords into wires whenever our hideout is on we're able to turn a profit. That's without the mild savings you can generate by crafting your own Salewas, ignoring the fact that at current flea prices there are several crafts that are better than the wires, and not mentioning Bitcoin farming at all.

As reactionary as this subreddit is, the changes to Fuel spawn rates were necessary. Back when fuels were going for ~50k they weren't even looting out of raid – for the same 6 squares you would be better off with a bunch of Duct Tapes or Light Bulbs.

If you were leaving the lights on on your Hideout 24/7, even when not actively logged into the game, then this change is incentivizing you to adopt different behavior.

If you craft your own AP 6.3 and then shoot it instead of selling it to morons at 930 roubles a bullet, then this change is incentivizing you to adopt different behavior.

Tarkov encourages players to think for themselves, but plenty members of the community are just monkey see monkey do and naturally these players will be unable to quickly adapt to changes and be punished by them. That's the way it should be.

I mean I just sold 3 of those AK 5.45 PDC Dust Covers for 45k despite the fact that the AKademia Bastion is better, cheaper and available at lower levels. Why? Likely because players are following outdated "meta" builds they got from their favorite streamer. In Tarkov, a sucker refreshes the flea market every minute.

In conclusion, you can either Git Gud at generating profits from your hideout or complain below in the comments.

Have a great day, good luck with your raids.


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