The comprehensive guide on how to be an AGS rat on reserve.

Link to the firing arcs
Link to School AGS distances
Link to Dome AGS distances
Link to Train Field AGS distances

TLDR: look at the pictures and start blastin.

Now I know I may garner a lot of hate for this, because I'm essentially telling all the rats how to get free easy kits on Reserve. The map that already has a rodent problem as it is. That being said, its sad how under utilized these map features are and I use them a lot personally , they're busted and they're fun to use and if you are unlucky enough to be on the receiving end its normally a non-reactable hail of explosions that can kill with one well placed shot. So today I aim to teach my fellow rodents how to be an AGS rat like me.

General Use.
The AGS is a great tool to use when your running relatively light, scaving or going for SBIH or Gluhar kills. (and yes you read that right, you can use the AGS for SBIH.) I see/hear a lot of players going to mag dump all those juicy anti chad rounds. Personally I see a lack of success when I do this, I tap fire four or 5 round bursts that are devastatingly accurate. When you know the distances and know where people are or where they are going to be. These emplacements are the best method to that counter that juicy Slicc running Altyn wearing meta Vector having chads, who stop you from getting all that sweet sweet loot.

Keep your mouse still
These things are super sensitive little movements can throw your shot way off into the next map.

Snipers are the biggest threat.

If you expect to be able to hop on the AGS and go through the loading animation for the gun and also get off 100 rounds while there's someone on dome or out near train. You're a lunaitic, Its not going to happen, unless everyone else is down stairs fighting raiders and there's a 5 man camping D2. What you do is Fire a few shots ~5-10 then run the hell away. Don't be a easy SBIH kill, a man on the AGS is a snipers wet dream. Move away before they can reposition and range you.

Early raid tactics

if you spawn close to an AGS you are the luckiest man alive because you have the best chances of killing the rats and chads who run to the high loot areas first. From dome AGS you can hit Bishop, front of Queen, frontal Tech-room side of School, 2 sniper towers, the brick tower in back of tech and Hermatic switch building. They are rushed almost every raid and you can come out with easy free kits if you're smart about where and when you shoot. you should be able to get 2 or 3 kills a raid just using the AGS.

Mid raid

This is where the AGS tends to shine the most (at least for me). This is when I typically am looking for Gluhar and listening for player fights I can shoot at. Gluhar and the boys have 3 spawns that can be hit with the AGS, these spawns are School , White Knight and K buildings. The Dome and Schools AGS's can be used for his school spawn. and I can normally get 2-4 guards and maybe Gluhar if I'm lucky. Simply after you fire some shots off you can go down and check and if hes up fire a few more. Rinse and repeat until the guards are dead and you're drowning in loot and full durability armor. When hes in White Knight or K buildings you're using the same strats, although white is tricky sometimes hes not killable if hes not in the back garage but sometimes you can see them spawn at the start of the raid and you can get 2 or 3 guards. If Gluhar is in K buildings you sometimes have to go over there to get their AI to wake up and start spreading out, if its really early in the raid. besides that just look at the distances and fire in bursts to kill some of his guards.

Late raid

This is where you can get a lot of loot as a scav or as a player who stuck around long enough. The alarm and The train both spawn a lot of juicy raiders. (The alarm typically spawns 3 and the train can spawn ~7) That have exploitable AI who happen to like to take nice slow strolls through AGS country. You're playing mainly the AGS in the field by train. Player scavs love this AGS so typically I hear it going off during the raid wasting all of my ammo that I was going to use to kill all of the raiders. But if by some miracle it has rounds in it you can waste 3-5 raiders in the end.

Please for the love of Nikita use the Page Up and Page Down keys

These lovely keys allow you to actually see what you're shooting so mess around with them and find a sight picture that you are happy with.

Well there's the guide hope this helps some of you out on your looting adventure. I've been using the AGS's for a long time and I saw there was no comprehensive guide on how to use them so I went ahead and did it for you. Good luck out there
-Your friend
– TheAGSRat


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