The Crewmates Guide to Toxic Players

Welcome to The Crewmates Guide. This will be a collection of various tactics of dealing with the toxic players you will encounter.

1: The Ban Hammer

The easiest to abuse, the ban hammer is useful of you know what you're doing. However, its advisable to only use it as a last resort.

2: The Therapist

This technique is simple, but incredibly effective. The idea is to remain incredibly calm. Type in all lowercase, and go along with whatever they say. For example, if they say "YOURE A S*ITTY PLAYER IDIOT" (without the asterisk of course), simply respond "some people find that word offensive, try bad, or terrible." Given that most players like this are trolls, they'll quickly get bored and leave.

For now, that's all The Crewmates Guide has to offer. However, I'll be working to make a full book of it, and will post it to reddit when its finished, posting chapters along the way. This is just a first draft.


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