The fight is real

This game is fucking hard. It's really fucking hard. I'm still rocking out roughly a 5.0 KD/R, but man getting tarkov'd makes you just feel like you cant do anything right.

So I enacted a new policy, no matter how late I have to stay up, nor how frustrated I get. Perhaps this works well for some, but it made me go from broke-ass chump to a competent player.

1.) Always start with a Scav warmup. Go slap around with some scavs at the mall, go shopping and talk about boys. It helps. Opachki

2.) Slow, quiet shadow. A shadow is always around every corner, but silent as death and twice as dark. Hide that shiny bald head, always wait, but never hesitate. There is a difference.

3.) Comtacs. Always wear god damn comtacs. If you die they'll usually be returned to you via insurance. If you cant hear the threat approach the shadow that you are, you are already dead.

4.) Gear fear is real, and even people level 40+ can still experience it. The only way to ever get over it is to realize that if you're only wearing a PACA and no helmet, you are most likely going to get clapped. The armor you're so afraid to lose is going to help you not lose it. If you dont wear it, its useless, and you will die. The death will haunt you, and you'll assume you'll always die that easy. Toss on a zhuk6 and just start eating BP rounds like a fucking terminator.

5.) Friends are always welcome. The wiggle is real, and some people flat out ignore it. Do not let this deter you. Having a big fat group of slav-shouting scavs storming rooms and buildings is an amazing experience.

6.) Ammo is worth the cost. If you're not using the best ammo for your gun, you're just a walking pile of loot for someone rocking better gear.

7.) Using the Scavs as a guard-dog is handy. If you can sneak into an area without the aimbotting terminator Scavs finding you, they can become a canary in your coal mine. They die? Watch that location. They start shooting? Watch their aim.

8.) My last rule for my runs is to: never end the night on a bad run. I dont give a shit if its 0400 and work starts at 0700. A good run ends with a smile, a feeling of confidence, and perhaps even a decent amount of income. It could've been a satisfying grenade kill, a pack full to the gills of loot, or wiping reshala's stupid face with some m61. Something that leaves you satisfied is the easiest way to build character and confidence.

Bonus.) Know when to nut up. So many encounters can be flipped and reversed by going heavy aggressive on a would be ambusher or foe. Grenade up their surroundings, circle back and flank, or just push hard spraying. Baring teeth instead of hiding and peeking is something most people who lie in wait will not expect. You got all that armor and good ammo. Better to leave empty mags (or dump the mag with the r r reload) and zeroed armor than your precious gun full of expensive ammo to someone who played you like a fiddle. Go out like a banjo, annoying and underappreciated.

I fucking love this game, most of the community, and the developers for making it. I strive to be better every run.


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