the guide is an easy quest

ive seen alot of people say that the guide is the hardest quest in the game. thinking that its near impossible to complete and you need a ton of luck to get through it. thats wrong and its actually super easy

most of the strategies people talk about for the guide is to speedrun every map. like just run in, kill a few scavs and then extract within a few minutes. they think that the less time they spend in a map makes it safer or something. when the opposite is actually true

the longer you stay in a map, the safer it becomes. because other players will die off or extract, which reduces the opposition you will have. if there are 5 minutes left on the game clock, you can almost guarantee that you are the only player left on the map. so by extention, the best way to do the guide is to just wait it out. find a good hiding spot near where you spawn and sit there for 40 minutes until there are 5 minutes left in the game. then just walk across the map uncontested and extract. ive used this strategy every wipe and ive never failed the quest


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