The Hacking Problem Exposed!

So, I know a lot of new players are having to deal with hackers all day long and that must be so frustrating for a Timmy trying to get his gold pocket watch or a rat praying they can extract with that Tetris.

But, as you are all having to deal with this 'hacking problem', I thought I would share my setup so you understand the kind of hacks available to people. Interestingly, they cost nothing but time too.

Radar – Elite Level Perception: I can hear you take a leak before the game has even started. In game, I prefire you while you creep around in a toilet scared shitless.

Wallhacks – I'm just joking around with a thermal scope for a laugh. I also know where you're going to spawn on most of the maps.

Aimbot – My meta M4 (you wouldn't know how to use it even if you found one) has 30% of the recoil of your trash stock AK, plus i get bonus recoil reductions too – it's basically hacking tbf.

God Mode – My class 6 armour doesn't actually lose durability when you fire your PM pistol at me (even if you somehow make the shot of your life and hit my faceshield). This is probably the best hack of all.

Intelligence – I've played the game thousands of hours more than you and you literally have no fucking clue what you are doing – this is basically you hacking yourself.


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