The Hideout: A Tarkov app for Android

Hey guys!

I just fully released my Tarkov Sidekick app for Android and am looking for some feedback and ideas! The app is completely free with no ads.

Here's some of the features!

  • 🦺 Ammunition, Armor Effectiveness, & Armor Pen Chance
  • 🔫 Damage Calculator aka Tarkov'd Simulator
  • 🛒 Flea Market • View current prices and calculate flea fee's!
  • 🛒 View related crafts, quests and trades for items!
  • 🔔 Price Alerts • Set alerts for flea market prices!
  • ⛺ Hideout • Track your hideout modules.
  • 🛠️ Hideout Crafts • See the cost of those pesky crafts!
  • 📋 Quest Tracker • View your progress and more!
  • 📋 Quest In Raid Feature • See exactly what you need to do!
  • 🔑 Key Tracker • Mark which keys you found!
  • 🔫 Weapon Data
  • 💉 Armor/Backpacks/Rigs/Meds

There may be a few things outdated (weapons/quests), they will be updated/added soon!
Also I will be adding new features and revamping a few sections in the coming weeks!

I'll be here for a few hours replying to comments and answering questions! Otherwise, hit me up on the Discord below!

Play Store Link

Join the Discord!

Again thanks guys and Tarkov on!

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