The idiots guide to taking a screenshot: No, you do not need your phone, ever.

So I keep seeing people who do not know how to take a screenshot, and you guys keep using your phones instead. Terrible idea. It's cumbersome, we can't see what the fucks on your screen, and it takes way longer than it needs to. So, to stop annoying ourselves and each other, why not take 1 minute to learn how to actually use this very basic function of your computer?

First step: Look at your keyboard, and check out some of the buttons you have never ever pressed before. Among them, in the top right somewhere, should be a button labelled "prt sc". This stands for print screen. Now you know where the button is.

This one button will stop you from looking like a noob from the 90s who somehow learned nothing about computers, but made it all the way to 2020 in that state of unknowing.

Now it is time to take your step toward competent use of your computer keyboard and its functions. Press the print screen button you have found. You might notice not a lot seems to happen. You took a screenshot if you pressed the button, it is now stored in your cache. To get to see it, you need somewhere to "paste" it. This can be done in many places, microsoft paint being the choice for many, photoshop is a good one too.

If you feel like opening up none of those programs, or you don't have them, don't worry. There is a website made just for this problem, in fact there are several, but this one works fine:

Go to the website, and press ctrl + v to paste your screenshot. You should see it immediately. Now you are ready to share your screenshot in a way that everyone can actually see, and you wont get 10 stupid comments about how you don't know what you are doing, because now you do know what you are doing!

So, go forth younglings, and capture your screenshots. Now you don't have to look like you fell 20 years behind common knowledge of computers and their keyboards. I encourage all to share whatever they take screenshots of in this thread. If lewd, pm to me instead.


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