The new CHAOS impostor strategy

I don't know if the flair is right but I'm just gonna let that here until someone notice and tell me to put the [insert flair] one

So I already post this strategy as a random comment in a random post, so imma just make it as an alone post by itself to get more attention on this Crazy tactic

So I was playing on online with randos and I got impostor in polus, I was red and my buddy was black

Then, the unexpected happened

He accused me with no reason (Litteraly) by doing an emergency meeting, and some people were considering me innocent, especially white ( a crewmate). I also NEVER said black and I were Impostor which helped a lot in this scenario.

First round, perfect tie with black

Second round, I got voted off

So white was considered IMPOSTOR (cuz he vouched for me) , black and his alibi green are innocent, and white got voted off next round which resulted in green getting voted off bc he called the meeting with black

Black and I created a TOTAL CHAOS


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