The solution to gear fear for new players

so with every new wipe comes a lot of new players and with them a lot of posts about gear fear. As a previous sufferer of gear fear I would like to post two of the solutions that helped me the most in hopes that it can help other new players.

solution 1: this solution may sound silly, but I promise that it works, and it works fairly quickly. what you have to do is gear up with your best or at least semi-best stuff, and a good amount of ammunition and magazines. choose and map you want (I recommend customs or factory for newer players) and SPRINT around everywhere trying to kill anyone you see. that's right, Sprint.

I find that when you try to sneak around and play the quiet game it affects your mind subconsciously, and makes you feel anxious. when you sprint around with no concern for your own safety it tricks your mind into easing up a bit and gets you used to dying with good gear.

not only will this method train your mind to not be afraid of everything, it will also level up the endurance of your character and maybe give you some combat exp should you get into a firefight or two (you should get into one).

solution 2: this solution is a bit more conservative but still effective. Search online or find some super cheap and easy to use guns. (if you have the flea market unlocked, the AKM is a personal favorite of mine. if not, the sks is an excellent option to level up with until you do.) if you wish, you can figure out how to customize it to your liking as long as the price is low enough for you. what you want to do is purchase/make a lot of these guns, like 4-5 and a bunch of cheap-ish ammo/magazines for said gun, and ONLY use that gun in your raids. (or if you find an entire loadout for cheap, only use that loadout).

This will make playing with the weapon significantly less stressful because you know you have many of them or can make new ones easily if you don't. It will also make you more competent in shoot-outs with the weapon because you will be learning its recoil patterns (as well as leveling it up by using it).

Solution 2 and a half: the primary issue with solution 2 is that you may still experience gear fear when using any weapon/kit that isn't your cheapie budget ones. If this is the case there is one thing I can recommend. take all of that gear that you are afraid to use, and sell it. put that money towards more cheap stuff that you ARE willing to use/lose. if you have certain items in your stash that you will never use or would lessen your enjoyment of the game If you used, then there is no reason to keep them. just allow yourself to use the kit you feel comfortable with, and that will help you learn/improve at the game way more quickly than constantly worrying about losing everything.

that is all. hope this can be helpful.


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