The survivalist path – Wounded beast – QUEST TUTORIAL – if you prefer to listen but not read. – link to the customs map

Ok guys, a short tutorial on how to complete the survivalist path quest from jaeger, that is called a wounded beast. So, you need two splints in case if you'll break both of your legs, some medications, I recommend the car first aid kit and also you need painkillers. Take some shitty gun like Vepr AKM or even handgun, and go to the customs map, I recommend to complete this quest during the night, because you'll still be able to see scavs, but other players will most likely not spot you. Now how to make everything work. First of all, you need to break your leg preferably one, but shit can happen and you'll break both, after that you need to heal both of your legs to full hp, use a painkiller, and go hunting and after you'll kill 4 SCAVS you can use splints to fix your broken bones. Locations where to hunt and where to break your legs.

First one: You can break your legs by jumping off the second floor in the building near ZB-1011 bunker, from that location you can go looking for scavs to the location where the military base checkpoint was before the customs map were enlarged, right between the scavs checkpoint and gas station, or you can go to an old gas station, and if there will be not enough SCAVs to kill, you can get those that are missing at the yard between ZB-1012 bunker and Warehouse 4.

Second one: I prefer this one, it works just fine, because you don't need to run too far to find scavs. Jump out of the bridge over the river, and go hunting to the RUAF roadblock, and a yard around warehouse 17.

And the third one. Jump out of the ladder in customs building, and hunt for scavs near the customs building yard and near garages.


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