The things I learned from playing exclusively labs for 2 months straight.

I for the past couple months decided to only play labs, with a maxed out Bitcoin farm and moonshine production I could easily afford it. The first two week I money ran it with pistol making a total of 16 million roubels. I decided to star enjoying labs and going in thicc.

At first I started dying. Like alot. I lost 10 mil in a single day from running meta HKs and Killa armors. After a while I figured out that an M1 rig with an AKMN costs 300k to run and can kill all thicc boys.

This really improved my gameplay because now for every one raid I survived I could afford an extra 1-2 raids. Still my money stayed constant with slight dips every once in a while.

One of the big problems on labs where the players. HOLY SHIT the people who play labs are good. I mean the map that all lvl 60 juiced boys go on really makes you get gud.

After 2 months of this I finally decided to play reserve and interchange. One thing I instantly noticed was the skill gap.

I am by no means a good player, I've been playing since early 2017 and have a 20% surv rate and a 2.1k/d. But DAMN I felt like a god playing on these maps.

In other words, in order to get decent at this game play with super good players on labs.


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