The Ultimate Imposter guide

Hey u wanna win some imposter games don't u, don't worry u found someone with 500 imposter wins so now here are some tips to win as the imposter

  1. stay low, don't be silent, answer properly and when a report or meeting happens and ask relevant questions like "who was in medbay" or even simple stuff like "why" or "where"

  2. if 2 crewmates are together try to separate them by sabotaging the farthest place from them like sabotaging reactor or o2

  3. gain an alibi, well I generally don't do this but a lot of people do it, gain trust from a crewmate then use it against others as if u become sus there will be someone to stand up for u

  4. sabotage lights and kill people, this is the best as u cant get caught venting if u kill and u can easily stack kill if everyone is fixing lights

  5. target "safe crewmates" these are crewmates who have proved they were innocent by another crewmate

  6. fake tasks like a crewmate for example: fake engines-go to electrical- fake tasks in electrical-go to upper engine then back-fake storage-lower engine, faking tasks is the key to becoming an imposter master and its an important skill to use

  7. if someone becomes sus then kill the accusers but keep the accused, when someone reports or calls a meeting, accuse the person who got accused before in the meeting, this will divert and distract crewmates from finding out the actual imposter.

  8. in endgame always sabotage lights, this is the best option as there's a ton of doors and going back to cafe to call a meeting would take a long time, so use that to ur advantage and win the game

  9. another tip for endgame is to kill someone, quickly report the body, and accuse someone of killing them this will grant u an easy win if the person ur accusing isn't safe or proved innocent

  10. say gg after a match, if u win or lose, and don't leave if u lose


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