Things I Hope They Add To Valheim

Walheim - five bosses

  1. Horses (Yes you can ride lox, but wouldn't be cool if we had horses to ride too?)
  2. Chickens (When we kill them they can drop chicken and feathers)
  3. Sheep (Sheep would be cool for RP they can drop wool for clothes and lamb meat for eating)
  4. Cows (cows would be cool plus a good supply for milk, cheese, beef, hide, and can make Viking candles out of their horns with their head trophy.
  5. Just more animals like rabbits, foxes etc.
  6. candles (there is a way we can use the wax from the beehives to make candles)
  7. ability to rotate pieces without mods.
  8. more building pieces and furniture.
  9. tents and backpacks.
  10. ceiling lanterns (i know we have those braziers but was thinking maybe hanging lanterns like the ones we have on the walls.)
  11. More windows for a variance.
  12. Ability to add boars, or (if we get horses) to add to carts to carry it around.
  13. goats (cheese, milk, hide and horns we can get from them)
  14. Armour dummies to put our armour on.
  15. unlock the item stands so we can equip anything.
  16. more stone items (more wall, floor and pillar items)
  17. more fence varieties.
  18. More Viking like helmets.
  19. More plants (more flowers and bushes and ferns) and crops (cabbage, tomato, corn etc.)
  20. More doors and shutters for variance.
  21. More walls and roofs for variance.


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