Things ive learned as a filthy casual playing mid wipe

So there are a lot of guides for start of wipe and new players. What i dont see any guides on are how to play as a low level mid wipe when you cant put the time into the game others can.

These arent tips for sweaty chads and im not making any game changing suggestions to accommodate my filthiness.

These arent basic tips like "learn maps" im assuming you play the game enough to understand maps.

Ok so first thing is learn hidden stash locations. You can get amazing gear and even better. Ammo.

Flea market is a trap. Buy as much as you can from your traders.

Ammo trumps all. Its butter to run a stock gun with good ammo than a meta m4 with bad ammo.
The average player will be wearing class 4 + armor and you have to be able to cut through that.

Top your mags with good ammo. Example: If you're running 3 30rnd mags of 7.62×39 top all three with 5 rounds of bp and then fill in with PS.

If you arent wearing class 4+ armor and you have poor ammo avoid combat. If you can rat someone while they are looting thats fine but you are going to die more often than not trying to engage someone who kills you in 2 hits when it takes you 5.

Shotguns are underrated…. i know "but shotguns cant pen lvl4 armor" the shotguns power is in wrecking scavs and getting those face taps. Its a super cheap option you dont have to worry about losing. Magnum buckshot can be crafted with workbench and it can 2 shot leg meta up close.

Budgets guns come back. Putting basic mods on a weapon can improve it a lot and you will get it back fro. Insurance almost every time. Ive had the same ak come back 3 times and ive probably had 7 successful raids with it.

The 3 best calibers you can run into class 4 armor somewhat cheaply imo are…

7.62×39 top Your mag with BP and fill with PS.
PS prapor lvl 1

7.62×51 top your mag with M61and fill with M80.
Peacekeeper lvl2

5.54×39 top with BS and fill with BT
BT is easily found in raid

The best budget weapons for these rounds imo are

7.62×39 AKM variants

7.62×51 vepr hunter

5.54×39 any AK lightly modded

Thanks for reading. Feel free to disagree. This is just what i have learned by playing and watching.


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