Things that should be common knowledge

First of all if you are playing public lobbies always check to see if these settings are on or off so you can apply the techniques I’m about to disclose.

  1. Visual tasks:
    A visual task is a task that makes an animation when it is being done. This means that imposters standing at the task won’t make it do the animation because they aren’t actually doing it. So if the visual task setting is on, and someone is standing at a visual task (such as weapons, trash chute etc.) and the visual animation isn’t played, you know they are the imposter.

  2. Common Tasks:
    For the sake of simplicity I’m going to talk only of two of the common tasks on The Skeld. The tasks I will be explaining are the admin card swipe, and fix wiring. So first check how many common tasks are on. If it’s 1, that means everyone in the lobby should have admin card swipe OR fix wiring. This means if you are innocent and you see admin card swipe at the top of your task list, everyone in the lobby should have it. So why is this important? If someone comes into admin and doesn’t do it, you know they are the imposter. Now wiring is more tricky because you don’t know who has and hasn’t done wires. So if wires is the selected common task (the task at the top of your list) don’t worry about this instead look to see who does card swipe. If they do card swipe when the common task is wires, then they shouldn’t have card swipe meaning they are the imposter. If there are 2 common tasks, everyone in the lobby is guaranteed to have admin swipe and fix wiring. Apply the same logic. The common tasks are different on Mira and Polus but let’s not talk about that.

  3. Admin Table:
    Admin table is the table in the admin room that shows you how many people are in each room. This is a very underrated security tactic that very few people utilize. A few things you may not know about admin table are that dead bodies show remain shown as the heads on he table and if someone is in a vent, it will show that they are in the room the vent is. So if they are hiding in the vent in medbay it will say there is a person in medbay. So for example if you see 2 “heads” on the table in electrical, and then only one in electrical and another in medbay all of a sudden and no one was in upper engine or cafe (meaning they didn’t come from upper or cafe so the person in med must have come from a vent) you can run up and see who’s in medbay, and press button and vote them off. It’s kind of hard to explain but once you try this you can see what I mean. Also by camping in admin you can see who does card swipe and who doesn’t.
    To sum this up if the common task is card swipe, anyone who doesn’t do card swipe is imposter. If the common task isn’t card swipe, anyone who does card swipe is imposter.

  4. When and when not to vote:
    Here’s something I assume most people know but I am going to state: If there is one imposter one crew mate the game ends. If there is two imposters two crew mates the game ends.
    Assuming your game is 2 imp 8 crew here’s the rules that should always be followed to ensure the highest chance of winning:
    If there are 9 people left and 2/9 are imposters, it’s safe to vote someone off. Same with 2/8 are imposters. If there are 7 people left and 2/7 are imposters you should never vote someone off even if someone says: “I saw them kill vote me off if I’m wrong” This is because if you are wrong, there are only 4 crew mates and still 2 imposters meaning all the imposters have to do is call a reactor sabotage and each get one kill each so now there are 2 imp 2 crew meaning the game will end. If there are 6 people and 2/6 are imposters YOU HAVE TO VOTE SOMEONE! If you don’t they do the same thing as the last example they call reactor and killing person each ending the game. Even if you have zero evidence you have to take a guess on who’s the most suspicious. Assuming you just got one of the imposters now there are 5 people 1/5 is an imposter. It’s safe to vote someone off if you have evidence but it’s not mandatory. Ok now there is 4 people 1 imposter. Same logic as 2/7 you should never vote someone because if you are wrong they get one kill and you lose. Also if there is 4 people you know that there is guaranteed only one imposter left because if there was two the game would be over (I don’t know how people don’t understand this) 3 people left you have to vote same logic as 2/6 because if you don’t you lose. Anyways to summarize: 2/10 = you can vote 2/9 = you can vote 2/8 = you can vote 2/7 = YOU CANNOT VOTE EVER 2/6 = YOU MUST VOTE ALWAYS 1/5 = you can vote 1/4 = YOU CANNOT VOTE EVER 1/3 = YOU MUST VOTE ALWAYS.

Hope this helps good luck destroying randoms with these tips.


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