This got mentioned a couple weeks ago already, but please can we have some kind of arachnophobia mode when the Mistlands releases proper?

Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias out there. A lot of people aren’t able to play a video game if there’s even a chance that some giant spider might show up. Myself included. Especially with Valheim, where you’re required to visit each biome in turn in order to progress. You can’t just avoid the spiders. Yes, the textures may look like PS1 but the graphics overall are relatively realistic, so it remains to be seen how creepy such spiders will be. If they’re closer to Minecraft spiders than Skyrim, I assume most gamers would be fine. But if they’re the latter… please can we have an arachnophobia option. And a decent one at that. Maybe just replace the model with a blob and the sounds with something random. Or replace all spider spawns with skeletons that drop spider drops. Some kind of option that we can enable either on the world or personal settings to enable us to keep playing the game despite our phobia.


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