This helped me with performance

Hello guys, I’ve been testing some things on and off for the past few days to help boost my performance in Tarkov and have stumbled upon two programs that have helped me so far.

  1. Process Lasso:
    Process Lasso helped a bit with performance in the game as it helps optimize your CPU and uses its own power plan, credit to DragonWik for making this video explaining the process and how to set it up ( keep in mind in this video the UI of process lasso is outdated but he has made an update video explaining the new UI) you can find the download link in the video description.

This neat little script removes a bunch of bloatware from windows 10 that hog CPU usage, and obviously for a very CPU intense game such as Tarkov, CPU hogs are horrible. The website offers a step by step guide on running the script, the easiest way I found was to just follow the instructions and use the power shell GUI file. I also noticed my PC in general felt a lot better after using this.

Obviously use both of these at your own risk, they are both quite safe but if you are worried about any of these making changes you might want to change later, I would suggest making a system restore point before trying these!

Hope these help some of you out, let me know if it does or doesn’t, I’m curious to see how it works with different systems.

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