TIP: bring night vision to raids during sunset and you’ll have most of the raid to yourself

Many people who raid during sunset try to extract before they are left in the dark. I've been running medium budget kits and I typically loot around spawn and hang out until night falls. Then I flip on NV and can feel very safe doing quests and filling up a backup full of loot along the way.

This does come with the con of not being as likely to hit the high tier loot areas because you won't be there first but you'd be surprised. I've been waiting around in Cottage for 5-10 minutes and then going to health resort and many of the doors are still left unopened. You also have the chance of third partying players who are unequipped for night raids, and these are the moments where this playstyle really shines.

There is a certain atmosphere to getting a semi-budget NV kit, camping out the sunset near spawn, and then going splinter cell on your objectives. I've been completing objectives and extracting with a much better survival rate than I have been previously with this method and it's also the most enjoyable for me so far so I encourage others to try it.

Just watch out for cultists and keep a eye on the time.

EDIT: Some of the people commenting are the reason this strategy works

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/s38gwz/tip_bring_night_vision_to_raids_during_sunset_and/

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