Tips and tricks for tarkov for newer players.

I feel like I’m finally getting comfortable in tarkov and am getting knowledgeable enough to give some tips and tricks on what I’ve learned from my experiences in the game. I, like a lot of us I’m assuming, had to learn this game “cold turkey” and were just thrown in learning the game over the course several raids.

I’d also like if this could be piggybacked upon by my fellow PMCs out there who know far more than me. (let’s be real this game has a cliff of a learning curve)


  1. Play the game and watch the game. This game requires an enormous amount of game knowledge to be proficient. I’ve picked up a lot from just watching youtubers and streamers play. Where loot spawns are, where scavs usually spawn, even where the extracts are or ways to activate certain extracts.

  2. Start off by learning the maps and extractions before you even enter so you know where on the map you are, and where you want to end up by the end of the match. I also try to plan out in my head a general route I’ll take whenever I first load in.


  1. Learn the capabilities of the ammo you’re using, and the armor your enemy has. See a guy in killa armor and don’t have any bullet pen rounds? Aim for his legs it will make the difference in the fight.

  2. Scav runs. I can’t say this enough but do your scav runs whenever possible. I don’t know about you guys but some of my most successful and profitable runs have been from this. I personally like to scav on reserve.

  3. Get into a discord server or two, start squadding up and find a community you like playing in. Don’t be afraid to let them know you’re new to the game either. I’ve found the tarkov community to be one of friendliest I’ve ever come across in my dozen plus years of video gaming. Just don’t shoot your teammates in the back. Please. 😉

If you have any other tips and tricks you’d like to add please comment below.

Good luck and happy hunting. Hope you fall in love with this game like I sure did.

PS shout out BSG for making video games great again. Haven’t had a game get my heart racing like this in years.


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