Tips for non-cheating EFT game progression

  1. Never bring top tier gear into raids. This will only encourage cheaters to hunt you down. If you wish to actually enjoy using such gear, use offline mode. [Head, Eyes or Top of Head.]
  2. Never sprint at raid start to high value loot areas. Hide in a bush for 5-10 minutes to allow cheaters the unhindered opportunity to teleport/speed run to the best loot, grab everything desirable, and (hopefully) extract without killing you. [Head, Eyes or Top of Head.]
  3. Be aware that Scav cheaters will begin spawning in after 5-10 minutes to hunt you down while you hide in a bush for your mid-tier gear and/or left-over random loot you've maybe acquired. [Head, Eyes or Top of Head.]
  4. Map peripheries (except for secret stashes) will be the safest areas to transgress. Cheaters prefer straight line paths from high value areas to extracts to minimize raid times and maximize profits. [Head, Eyes or Top of Head.]
  5. Proper Rat etiquette in final 30-60 seconds of a raid is to avoid gun fights. Time is best spent frantically sprinting to extractions to avoid being Missing In Action. Respect the running wiggle (unless you think it may be Pestily) [Head, Eyes or Top of Head.]


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