Tips: Sew it good – Pt3

**NOTE: If you are skilled enough and have enough roubles to just rock the 6b43 and an Altyn and run factory until the armour wears down then go for it! I am not so good at PVP and lost almost 1m roubles on the armours because I kept dying with them, these tips are for people like me **

Before the FIR change all you had to do for this was filter the flea, buy one hand it in and move on. After the changes it's now extremely rare to find a 0-50% 6B43 available to buy. I have only seen two listed, one was around 2m roubles the other was 6m roubles.

First of all I tried using the armour as normal in raids, I lost 4 of them like this usually by dying to 1-tap face shots (fml). I got one back in insurance and then decided there must be a better way for this.

So here's how I did it:

  1. Go to Woods, I chose woods for the reliable Scav spawns near the extracts. Scav house at one end and old train station/RUAF road block at the other. Bonus if you have RR for the cliff extract.
  2. Spawn in and hide in a bush until PMCs move away from the spawns and the first Scavs spawn in. There is a big element of luck here i admit. You could also rush toward your extract and then wait there for it to get quiet to do this.
  3. Have some hard cover very close by, pop a painkiller and then aggro your chosen Scav, ideally one with a shotgun or pistol or this might not end well.
  4. When he starts shooting turn around, crouch and look right at the ground so he can only see your back. This way he can really only hit your armour as your head is hidden away and the legs are a lot smaller target.
  5. Let him get a few shots in, go into cover, check the armour hit points, once it goes to 42 or below you have armour <50% that you can turn in.
  6. Kill him or run away and then crouch walk from bush to bush whilst shitting your pants all the way to extract 🙂

Hope this helps somebody, sorry if it's already been mentioned I don't read the subreddit that often.


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