To anyone experiencing memory leaks or stutters/freezing due to RAM

I have no idea what causes this high memory usage, but I do know that when it maxes out, my experience of the game becomes very unpleasant. From micro stutters causing the game to feel like I use a 20Hz monitor, to major freezes locking me up for 6 or 7 seconds. You can see here what my memory usage looks like less than two minutes into a Reserve raid (you can see the graph climb from loading screen to being in-game), and while Reserve is a big problem, other maps stutter and freeze similarly too. Customs became a particular issue after the most recent expansion, and Shoreline noticeably becomes worse the longer I remain in the raid.

I downloaded and installed Memory Cleaner and my issues have vanished entirely. When the deploy screen counts to 0 and it transitions to being in-game, it does so smoothly and I can immediately run to where I want to be. No annoying audio distortions, no freezing, no waiting for a moment for the game to get its bearings.

You can see some basic numbers below. These are screenshots from the Memory Cleaner software. I tested it with both the in-game RAM cleaner on and off, and while it eliminated stutters entirely with both options enabled, I did notice my RAM utilisation was more efficient across the board with the in-game RAM cleaner set to on.

Here is the usage on Reserve with in-game auto RAM cleaner ON.

And this is the usage on Reserve with the in-game auto RAM cleaner OFF.

Both instances are SIGNIFICANTLY better than not using the Memory Cleaner, though obviously YMMV. Would love to see various results from different configs.

Download Memory Cleaner here:

Install it and run it as admin.


Enjoy :))

NOTE: If you run the game from an SSD, setting your textures to "high + texture streaming" could potentially yield even more significant results in memory utilisation at the cost of texture pop-in in game. I would highly recommend trying this setting (if you use an SSD) along with the Memory Cleaner for optimum results, though it isn't ENTIRELY necessary.

NOTE x2: Yes the software version is 2017. Still works like a bomb! 🙂

NOTE x3: This is not a magic fix for everyone! I do hope it helps but I cannot guarantee positive results!

Screenshot of my in-game settings

Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.2GHz

16GB CL14 3266MHz

RX 580

Samsung Evo SSD


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