to those selling key cards for 70 tetrizes – short guide to not making dumb flea posts

why do you idiots think someone will save 70 found in raid tetrizes in his stash?
stop doing those stupid trades, no one has dozens of a single FIR item saved in his stash. your chances of selling are close to zero, you just lose money and time by listing those things.
not many people are going to save 50 graphic cards in their stash just in case someone wants them for a trade.

i even see a trade for 2 thicc item cases… it's literally impossible to have 2 FIR item cases! you get one from a quest and that's it. you can't store it in a backpack, so it's literally impossible to get it from a raid. you can ONLY get one FIR thicc item case.

just sell it for cash, or at least make normal trades that are not close to impossible.
please, think before selling your stuff.


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