Today in Cheese: a few quick tips that aren’t readily apparent

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

So, in my travels, I've learned a few ways that, even if one can't play the game, they can still "play the game" if you catch my drift.

1) For higher level metals like silver and Obsidian, you'll need a higher level pickaxe, but for copper, tin, stone, and iron, just grab a few antler pickaxes. Trust me, you won't need anything else. See, bronze and iron pickaxes require a forge to be repaired. Antlers only need a workbench. So you could do something like set up a tiny 2×2 shelter next to a sunken crypt, and stick a workbench in there. The game regards this as "being roofed", so it will let you fix stuff with it. At that point, your only limitations for metal harvesting are the carrying capacity of your cart and how much material is inside that crypt or deposit.

2) There are fire geysers in the swamp biomes that spawn Surtlings. Whacky fire elemental dudes. When they die, they drop valuable Surtling cores, and some coal. Both of which are quite useful. They also die on contact with water. With this knowledge, one can spend maybe a minute or two and dig down around their spawning fire geyser until every possible spawn location is at least waist deep with water. Surtling spawn in, die instantly, and all you need to do is come by every few minutes for your spoils. This might be a way to grab large amounts of cores for new players early on. Because Surtlings ARE NOT dangerous. They really aren't. They have as much HP as a Greyling and if you get set on fire by their attacks, just jump into water. Just be careful because the leeches and ooze monsters in the swamp are not so benign.

3) did you know you could stand on wooden spike walls? They outward facing ones that knock back enemies and do damage when they run into them. The enemy keeps trying to get you and will eagerly slaughter themselves on your spike walls and you dont need to do anything. If you have a few pieces of core and normal wood, and are in deep trouble, a state every Valheim player gets into every now and again, just slap down a workbench while kiting your opponent, put down a spike wall, and jump on top of it. As my personal hero, Burt Gummer, once said….problem solved. 🙂


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