Tower Shield/Spear: Suggestion

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Howdy, all.

Had an idea for the Tower Shield/spear combination and wanted to get some feedback.

When using a tower shield and spear the blocking position would have the spear pointed outwards.

It would function similar to a spike trap: if enemies push into it they receive moderate damage and knock-back. Each of those “hits” would drain stamina so that it could not be used indefinitely.

Currently, the shield and spear combo is a bit weak, compared to other weapons. The spear, in general, doesn’t seem to have a really effective role aside from its reach. I believe bringing the spear more in line with traditional use (as a stand-off weapon) would bring a bit more flavor to the combat.

Let me know what you think, it’s something I may pursue in modding or (most hopefully) as an addition to the base game.


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