Trader item ideas

I have two items I think would make great additions to Valheim

  • Eyeglass, telescope, whatever you want to call it

I'm currently hunting Fuling totems and I'm not enjoying it. I have full padded armor, but I have to use guerilla tactics by trying to snipe Fulings with my bow, then if more than two Fulings attack I run away, then if shamans are there, even better /s. I was sailing past a Fuling camp and got stuck on the beach, then a shaman decided to Wildfire my Longship and we'll, that wasn't very cash money. If I could look in from a distance, that would fix a lot of frustrations

Have you ever been sailing and see the shore of land, but no idea what it is, or maybe you're looking for a way around an island or a river to take a short cut?

To keep it fair, half of the meadows are trees, all of the black forest, and of course the swamp, so it can't be used to see everything everywhere, I mean unless you're the type of person to chop down every tree in the Black Forest. No judgement here!

I would assume this would be as easy as just moving the camera X amount of feet ahead of you when using it, but then again I'm not a programmer or developer


Have you ever been stuck in say, the swamp, in the middle of the night, and your ship is a trek and a half away? Why not hearth?

It can be set to wherever your spawn point is, or maybe where the starting area is where the trophies are hung. I like the spawn point idea better

The way to make it not overpowered is to set it's CD to 24 REAL LIFE hours. Once a day. It's a get out of jail free card, but like portals it cannot hearth metals


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