Trader LV 2 AK-74U Budget Build Guide. 45K Roubles + Gun.

I posted this but it got nuked so I reformatted the post to fit the forum regulations.

Weapon: AK-74U/AK-74UB (Flea Market, Raids, etc)

Muzzle Device: DTK-1 (Skier LV 2)

Handguard: B-11 (Skier LV 2)

Sight Rail Adapter: B-12 Mount (Skier LV 2)

Optic: EKP-8-18 (Prapor LV 2)

Laser: NcStar Tactical Blue Laser (Skier LV 1)

Foregrip: RK-4 Foregrip (Skier LV 2)

Pistol Grip: pp-19-01 Izmash Pistol Grip (Prapor LV 2)

Stock: Recoil Pad from GP-25 for AK (Prapor LV 2)

Ergo: 53

Accuracy: 3.44 MOA

Vertical Recoil: 73

Horizontal Recoil: 218


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